Olympus Labs Endur3 Intra-Workout Review

Olympus Labs Endur3 Intra-Workout BCAA PowderOlympus Labs designed the perfect peri-workout product with Endur3 BCAA. Endur3 provides a maximum level of muscle protein synthesis, reduces fatigue and muscle soreness, improves circulation and blood flow, and also increases exercise capacity and endurance.

The Endur3 intra-workout has received several positive reviews and 5 star ratings from customers who have purchased the product and tried it first hand. Opinions from others will certainly help you determine whether or not Endur3 is the right supplement for you.

The formula for Endur3 is powered by the Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA Matrix featuring 7.5g of InstAminos BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio; delivering 5g of Leucine per dose. Do not be fooled by fancy ratios, if the Leucine content of any product is below 5g per serving you are losing out on precious gains. With the additional 2 grams of Velositol, Endur3 takes muscle protein synthesis (MPS) to a whole other level.

The Fatigue Destroying Matrix was included to support muscle recovery. It consists of 2g of L-glutamine, 1g of Taurine and 480mg VitaCherry. It reduces reduce fatigue, cramping and can also improve endurance according to research in humans. In order to ensure you stay hydrated and further prevent muscle cramping, Olympus Labs included the Maximum Hydration Matrix which is a combination of electrolytes.

Endur3 can be used in-between meals to prevent muscle breakdown, when those intervals exceed 3-4 hours. In addition, supplementation with amino acids can even be beneficial on rest days or anytime where protein ingestion may be low. Endur3 only contains effective ingredients at clinical doses, including three patented ingredients.

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Available Flavors

  • Krusherz – Orange Candy
  • Unicorns Blood – Sweet Candy
  • Dragons Mist – Blue Freezie/Pop
  • Tropical Thunder – Tangerine Mango
  • Snake Venom – Passionfruit Kiwi

Olympus Labs Endur3 BCAA Ingredient Details

Olympus Labs Endur3 Supplement Facts LabelCalcium: 57 mg

• Calcium plays a very important role in regulating appropriate functioning of the body muscles such as muscle relaxation and muscle contraction, and is important for the appropriate functioning of various body enzymes related to the regulation of digestion, metabolism, energy generation also significantly involves calcium.

Magnesium: 16 mg

• Magnesium is one of the seven essential macrominerals that need to be consumed in relatively large amounts – at least 100 milligrams per day. Magnesium plays an important role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body including the metabolism of food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Chromium: 1,000 mcg

• Chromium is a metallic element that humans require in very small amounts. It is an essential part of metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar, and helps insulin transport glucose into cells, where it can be used for energy. Chromium enhances the actions of insulin and is necessary for maintaining normal metabolism and storage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Sodium: 65 mg

• Sodium is vital component of nerves as it stimulates muscle contraction, but it also helps to keep several important minerals soluble in the blood, including sodium, and also stimulates the adrenal glands.

Potassium: 150 mg

• Potassium plays a role in every heartbeat. A hundred thousand times a day, it helps trigger your heart to squeeze blood through your body. It also helps your muscles to move, your nerves to work, and your kidneys to filter blood.

InstaAminos (Instantized BCAA’s 4:1:1)


• Leucine plays an incredibly important role in the regulation and maintenance of blood-sugar levels, and in the repair, recovery, and protection of your hard-earned muscle mass, while also helping to regulate energy levels.


• Valine is one of twenty amino acids, just like Leucine and Isoleucine, that are proteinogenic, or protein building, and supportive in regulating and managing proper recovery and growth of muscle tissue, however; the valine branched chain amino acid also works at maintaining a healthy nitrogen balance and preserves glucose for extended use.


• Isoleucine promotes muscle recovery, physical endurance, and regulated blood-sugar levels just as Leucine, but this particular BCAA focuses on stimulating the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), promoting cellular uptake and consumption, supporting the formation of hemoglobin, and is also involved in the formation of blood-clots.


• Velositol increased muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by 48 percent from baseline when combined with Whey protein, as compared to a 24 percent increase seen when Whey protein is taken by itself. The significant increase in MPS, along with a non-significant increase in insulin to help initiate muscle growth, was noted in the study subjects made up of healthy men and women.


• Glutamine is a critical amino acid and the most abundant in the body. Although it’s more commonly known as a bodybuilding supplement, studies don’t quite support its efficacy for muscle building. Rather, it helps prevent leaky gut, boosts immune function, and prevents muscle wasting in sick people.


• Taurine is a type of amino acid found throughout the body, but is particularly concentrated in the brain, eyes, heart and muscles. Unlike many other amino acids, it is not used to build proteins in the body, rather it is classified as a “conditionally essential” amino acid. Your body can produce some amount of taurine, as well as being found in some foods.

Electrolyte Matrix: 980 mg

Potassium Citrate

• Potassium is an essential dietary mineral and electrolyte that regulates the balance of fluids in the body. Potassium citrate is a potassium salt of citric acid. It is a crystalline powder with a slightly salty taste. It is involved in nerve function, muscle control and blood pressure. Potassium is an essential health nutrient that is good for lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of kidney stones, increasing bone-beneficial calcium and reducing the risk of stroke.

Dicalcium Phosphate

• Dicalcium phosphate is an ionic salt, meaning it’s made up of charged particles of calcium and phosphate, both of which humans need in the diet. It’s a source of both the mineral calcium and of phosphate, which you use for a variety of purposes, explains the Linus Pauling Institute. These include producing bone matrix and even synthesizing DNA, which is genetic material.

Sodium Citrate

• Sodium Citrate is a medication commonly used to make the urine less acidic. Urine that is less acidic helps the kidney get rid of uric acid, helping to prevent gout and certain types of kidney stones. Sodium Citrate can also treat certain metabolic problems caused by kidney disease, and in some cases prevent them entirely. Citric acid and citrate salts belong to a class of drugs known as urinary alkalinizers, and because some conditions require you to limit your intake of potassium and sodium, it’s imperative that you discuss this with your doctor before taking any chances.

Magnesium Aspartate

• Magnesium is a mineral essential for blood pressure and blood sugar regulation, muscle and nerve function, and the construction of protein, bone and DNA. Magnesium aspartate is one of the better supplemental forms of magnesium, but it does interact with a number of drugs, including HIV medication dolutegravir. Whether or not you are on other medications, talk to your physician before taking a magnesium supplement.

VitaCherry Sport: 480 mg

Whole Tart Cherry

• Whole Tart Cherries are a powerhouse of natural chemicals and enzymes that can have a positive influence inflammation, sleep, and a range of other factors. These cherries also contain a high level of antioxidants and can easily be included in your diet on a daily basis. They are also free of the side effects often associated with typical anti-inflammatory medication, there is simply no reason not to include tart cherries in your diet.

Any Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of?

If you have a normal level of health, you shouldn’t have any concerns regarding side effects. All of the ingredients included in Endur3 BCAA are natural and proven safe. Olympus Labs didn’t even bother including stimulants into the formula. This helps to expand the availability to almost everyone, with no risk of negative side effects or discomfort.

How to & How Not to Use Endur3 Intra-Workout

Directions: As a dietary supplement take 1 scoop of Endur3 BCAA with 12-16 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. For best results consume on an empty stomach, approximately 45 minutes before your next meal.

Warning: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Individuals who consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects.

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  1. Mat A.

    Hello Dalton,
    Great review of Endur3, sounds like a really good product. I used to use pre-workout products a while back and found them to be beneficial. I haven’t for a while now but staying in shape gets harder as I get older. I think I will check this out and see if it can give me an additional boost. Have you found that Endur3 provides the greatest value in fueling your workout or in the post-workout recovery mode? Thanks in advance for your advice,
    Mat. A.

    1. Dalton Dorsey

      Yes, Endur3 is comprised of amino acids which work great as a pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout.

  2. Brendon

    Wow great job on this review, I think you covered everything!
    I do like that they do add stimulates to Olympus Labs Endur3, and I love that fact.
    I do have one question, and I looked for it but I just want to be sure.
    They do not even add caffeine to this do they? If not I am going to give this a shot!

    1. Dalton Dorsey

      Correct. Endur3 is without stimulants so it’s a lot safer for those with low stimulant tolerances.

  3. brandon fehr

    You have provided me with some great information about Endur3, You go very in depth with the nutritional values and I think that is very important.

    Your pages are easy to navigate and getting all the information was very simple for me.

    Fantastic product review, you truly sold me on it.

    Very well done!

    1. Dalton Dorsey

      Thank you so much!

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