Hi-Tech Lipodrene Extended Thermogenic Review

Hi-Tech Lipodrene Extended Thermogenic Review Featured Image

Hi-Tech’s Lipodrene Extended thermogenic formula contains their very popular Thermo-Rx stimulant blend and Extend-Rx extended-release blend, consisting of incredibly potent, yet exceptionally clean fat melting ingredients and extended-release properties to extend the fat melting power. Lipodrene Ephedra is Hi-Tech’s original weight loss and energy enhancement supplement and has…

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Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Thermogenic Review

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Thermogenic Review Featured Image

Universal Nutrition claims their Animal Cuts fat burner boosts metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant to deliver users their desired results. Animal Cuts works through the use of a wide variety of natural and herbal ingredients that can help stimulate increased fat loss upon ingestion. The majority of…

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LeCheek Nutrition Warning Fat Burner Review

Warning Fat Burner Review Featured Image

LeCheek Nutrition recently revealed a new thermogenic that’s overloaded with so many stimulants they decided to call it Warning. Warning is advertised as having an incredibly potent weight loss formula that delivers higher energy and a metabolism boost. The Warning fat burner is not for the faint-hearted and…

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Hi-Tech Pharma’s Black Widow Fat Burner Review

Hi-Tech Pharma's Black Widow Fat Burner Featured

Hi-Tech’s Black Widow fat burner delivers the same benefits and results as the incredibly effective and hugely successful Black Piranha. Black Piranha is another fat burner that was also produced by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals not too long ago. In fact, Black Widow contains almost all of the exact same ingredients…

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Hi-Tech’s Black Piranha Fat Burner Review

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical's Black Piranha Thermogenic

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has recently released their new Black Piranha fat burner, which they declare as the strongest thermogenic they’ve ever attempted to manufacture. Black Piranha is another weight loss aid that’s saturated with a variety of stimulants and features an impressive 65 mg of Coca extract, in addition…

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Sparta Hydra Shred Fat Burner Review

Hydra Shred Fat Burner Featured

The first thing I noticed about Sparta Nutrition’s Hydra Shred fat burner is just how incredibly overdosed it’s formula is compared to many fat burners I’ve come across. It’s obvious that stimulation was Sparta’s primary focus in the manufacturing of Hydra Shred, which unfortunately means it’s not for the…

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Performix Iridium SSTi Fat Burner Review

Performix Iridium SSTi Fat Burner

The Performix Iridium SSTi fat burner is at a whole other level of over-the-counter thermogenics. The multi-phase deliver process offers explosive energy, thermogenesis, and cognition, which is everything you look for in a thermogenic fat burner. » Product: Iridium » Company: Performix » Website: Purchase » Shipping: Fast & FREE…

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SX-7 Revolution Ultimate Fat Burner Review

MuscleTech's HydroxyCut SX-7 Revolution Ultimate Fat Burner

MuscleTech’s HydroxyCut SX-7 Revolution Ultimate fat burner is the first dual-delivery high-potency combination capsule ever to be released on the market. This means the capsules were specially designed to combine and deliver its comprised components in their respective, most effective ways. The dual-delivery combination system combines the power of a liquid…

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True Grits Thermo Thermogenic Review

True Grit Thermo Thermogenic

True Grit’s Thermo thermogenic is one of most advanced weight loss formulas available today. True Grit designed an incredibly powerful energy-boosting weight loss formula, rich in cutting-edge, premium grade, and scientifically researched ingredients, sworn to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience. » Product: Thermo » Company: True Grit »…

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HyperCuts Fat Burner by CTD Sports Review

Hypercuts Fat Burner

The HyperCuts fat burner by CTD Sports is supposedly the ultimate fat burner, for it’s ability to burn fat directly while also working to suppress your appetite. Product: HyperCuts Company: CTD Sports Price: $42.95 for 60 Capsules Purchase: www.a1supplements.com Just minutes after taking a serving of HyperCuts you…

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Xenadrine Core Fat Burner by Cytogenix Review

Xenadrine Core Fat Burner

Xenadrine Core fat burner delivers a rapid release thermogenic experience with every single blue chrome pill. The new thermogenic formula contains premium green coffee extract, which primarily focuses on promoting weight loss, as seen in two scientific studies. • Product: Xenadrine Core • Company: Cytogenix • Price: $44.84 for…

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Schizophrenic Psycho Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

Schizophrenic Psycho Thermogenic

Psycho Pharma’s Schizophrenic Psycho thermogenic was designed utilizing a premium grade weight loss, energy, and mood enhancing nootropic formula that helps individuals successfully achieve their goals. ♦ Product: Schizophrenic Psycho ♦ Company: Psycho Pharma ♦ Price: $39.99 for 60 tablets ♦ Website: www.a1supplements.com Schizophrenic Psycho simultaneously hits consumers in…

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