Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Thermogenic Review

Animal Cuts Fat Burner ReviewUniversal Nutrition claims their Animal Cuts fat burner boosts metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant to deliver users their desired results.

Animal Cuts works through the use of a wide variety of natural and herbal ingredients that can help stimulate increased fat loss upon ingestion.

The majority of ingredients in Animal Cuts have in fact been clinically studied for proper dosages in regard to their fat burning abilities, which is the key to putting together a good fat burner.

Product: Animal Cuts
Company: Universal Nutrition
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Activating the break down and metabolization of stored fat to be converted into usable energy should be the primary goal of any fat burner. Ensuring you don’t unknowingly put on additional pounds of fat is just as important as burning away the fat you already have stored throughout your body.

The way to prevent additional fat gain is through appetite suppression. Decreasing your calorie intake is a major part of weight loss. You can’t focus solely on fat that you have already gained. You need to think ahead as well.

You want your fat burner to contain stimulants so that you are more likely to hit the gym. In addition to the boost you need to get yourself in the gym, stimulants can help you perform more optimally while you’re there.

You can find numerous positive reviews left by individuals who have used Animal Cuts and experienced the results for themselves.

Universal’s Animal Cuts Fat Burner Ingredients

Thermogenic Complex: 750 mg

¤ Caffeine Anhydrous

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Thermogenic ReviewCaffeine anhydrous stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS) by increasing certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine and even serotonin. Caffeine is a stimulant that can cross the blood brain barrier so it can even stimulate your brain to make you more active. Usually you’ll start feeling the effects within 45 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee.

¤ Kola Nut

Kola Nut is a stimulant, containing 1.5% – 2% caffeine, plus kolanin and theobromine, which increases cerebral circulation. This combination of caffeine and theobromine may be a contributing factor for the mild sense of euphoria that’s often reported after chewing the nuts. The net result is that the stimulating components of kola nut can be used to improve the mental energy and stimulate the sex drive without whipping the adrenals.

¤ Guarana

Guarana contains caffeine, the stimulant found in coffee, tea, yerba mate, colas and chocolate. The University of Tasmania a study comparing the effects of coffee, guarana and yerba mate showed that guarana produced the greatest alertness and improvement in the performance of mental tasks. Coffee produced a peak in alertness after about 30-45 minutes then rapidly fell away, while the effects of guarana were actually continuing to increase after 150 minutes.

¤ Yerba Mate

Yerba mate ingestion has also been proven to increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise. A 2014 study published by Nutrition & Metabolism examined the effects of yerba mate on healthy males and females. The study concluded that its ingestion can increase the exercise effectiveness for weight loss and sports performance. Another randomized, double-blind study showed that yerba mate supplementationdecreases body fat mass, percent body fat and waist-hip ratio. It exhibited potent anti-obesity abilities that did not produce significant adverse effects. These findings suggest that yerba mate supplementation can be an effective way to fight obesity.

¤ Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are chemicals from red raspberries that are thought to help you lose weight fast. Ketones are natural chemicals that give raspberries their enticing aroma, and they also occur in blackberries and cranberries. When ketones are taken from raspberries, they can be used to add fragrance and flavor to foods and products, such as colas, ice cream and cosmetics. Some research in rodents or in test tubes shows that raspberry ketones might increase measures of metabolism and affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin, which regulates metabolism. Raspberry ketones are claimed to cause the fat within cells to be broken down more effectively, which helps the body burn fat faster.

¤ Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii is primarily consumed by individuals who are looking to lose weight. It is widely thought to work for this purpose by decreasing appetite, which aids in controlling the number of calories that a person takes into their body. The way that it increases the level of testosterone is important to the weight loss process too. Most people who suffer from obesity also have too much estrogen in their body, so by fixing this issue, weight loss becomes much easier. In one study, after two months of taking coleus forskohlii, both women and men lost an average of ten pounds each, and their body fat decreased by about 8%.

¤ Evodiamine

Evodiamine has thermogenic properties meaning that it works to increase the internal temperature of the body, accelerating the metabolic rate and affecting the body’s ability to burn stores of fat. The term metabolic rate refers to the rate at which the body processes the food and drink we consume into energy in order to carry out various bodily tasks and function at a normal level. In speeding up the body’s metabolism, the rate at which we burn fat is also increased – ultimately meaning that a faster metabolism usually leads to more fat being burned and therefore an increase in weight loss.

Metabolic Complex: 750 mg

¤ Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is rich in naturally occurring anti-oxidants known as salubrious polyphenols which we discussed a little earlier in the review. The beneficial properties of these anti-oxidants have been known to science for some time now. These benefits, some of which include boosting immunity, anti-ageing effects and anti-cancer properties. With the help of thoroughly tested research we have now come to know that the anti-oxidants in green tea, do in fact fight off harmful free radicals in the body, an action which has numerous positive effects on health.

¤ Oolong Tea Extract

Oolong tea extract possesses properties that can lower lipid and fight obesity. Oolong tea acts by accelerating metabolism, improving fat mobilization, preventing fat cell proliferation, and helping to maintain weight loss. It also helps to build immunity as it is loaded with more antioxidants than the green tea. Read on to know why Oolong tea is best for weight loss, when to consume it, methods to prepare, and much more.

¤ Black Tea Extract

Black tea got its name because the tea leaves turn black during the oxidation process that develops new flavonoids. When it’s brewed, black tea develops a reddish color, which is why it’s called red tea in China. Chinese black tea, or pu-erh tea, is different from black tea in the United States. Just like green tea and black tea, pu-erh tea is made from the same tea leaves, but the leaves are fermented by microorganisms and aged over an extended period of time. As a result, pu-erh tea has a unique flavor and contains flavonoids called theabrownins and gallic acid.

¤ Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee bean extract can be produced by soaking and concentrating the seeds, while ensuring they are left unroasted. When coffee seeds or “beans” are roasted, their antioxidant levels increase, but one natural substance called chlorogenic acid decreases. This chemical is thought to prohibit the accumulation of fat, promote passive weight loss, prevent the absorption of simple carbohydrates, and help regulate post-meal blood sugar levels.

¤ White Tea Extract

White tea extract like many other weight loss tea extracts, contains an excessive amount of polyphenols, which are basically just plant based anti-oxidants. Countless studies show that polyphenols take responsibility for a number of important health benefits. Antioxidants such as these are linked to a trimming in the cholesterol level. Catechins, which are anti-oxidants that belong to this category, are known to help maintain healthy arteries by preventing plaque build-up on the endothelial lining of arteries.

Thyroid Complex: 350 mg

¤ L-Tyrosine

L-tyrosine is a neutral aromatic amino acid made in the body, and is mainly used in the brain as a precursor to a class of neurotransmitters called catecholamines. These catecholamines are used in many different cognitive functions. To become a catecholamine, tyrosine requires two transformative steps. Firstly, it must be converted into dihydroxyphenylalanine. Then, an enzyme turns the DOPA into one of the three catecholamines.

¤ Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extracts and their oleuropein constituents are best known for their blood pressure-lowering effects, but the latest studies reveal their health benefits extend well beyond that. Additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties offer promise in fighting atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and even arthritis.

¤ Salvia Officinalis

Research has shown that even small amounts of sage, whether inhaled or consumed, can increase recall abilities and memory retention in people. The brain activity also demonstrates increased concentration and focus on a chosen topic, which means that for young people in school or for those in challenging, intellectually demanding careers, adding a bit of it to your diet may be subtle, but an effective brain booster.

Diuretic Complex: 800 mg

¤ Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is primarily used for the treatment of muscle aches, loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, eczema and bruises. It also increases urine production and serves as a laxative to increase bowel movements, strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn, and soothe digestive issues.

¤ Uva Ursi Leaf

Uva-ursi has anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic and anti-microbial activity, with special affinity for the digestive and urinary tract. Studies show that arbutin, the chief active compound in uva ursi, converts in the intestinal tract to form hydroquinone. The antiseptic and astringent effects of uva-ursi are due to hydroquinone, however this only occurs if the urine is alkaline. The whole leaf is a more effective remedy than the isolated arbutin component.

¤ Hydrangea Root

Hydrangea root contains several compounds that can benefit a person’s health in various ways. One such substance known as hydrangin is a phytochemical substance which has been the subject of scientific research. It is believed that hydrangin is the compound responsible for the plant’s ability to treat kidney stones. Hydrangeas also contain several other therapeutic compounds including naturally occurring flavonoids with excellent antioxidant benefits.

¤ Buchu Leaf

Buchu leaf is harvested from the dried leaves obtained from three species of Barosma. The species derive their common names from the shape of the aromatic leaf. Native to South Africa, the buchus grow as shrubs with leathery leaves that have oil-glandular dots on the underside. Odor and taste of the plants is described as spicy, resembling black currant, but also reminiscent of a mixture between rosemary and peppermint. Buchu oil sometimes is added as a component of black currant flavorings.

¤ Juniper Berry Fruit

Juniper berry essential oil is most commonly used in natural remedies for sore throat and respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches and arthritis. It can also help soothe skin flair-ups, boost the immune system, help with insomnia and aid with digestion. Research shows juniper berry essential oil contains over 87 different active constituent compounds, including strong antioxidants, antibacterials and antifungals. With a sweet, woodsy smell, this oil is a popular addition to household cleaning products, aromatherapy blends and fragrance sprays.

¤ Celery Seed

Celery seeds are known to have anti-inflammatory agents. Having celery seeds everyday helps in treating pain and inflammation of the joints. Having celery seeds every day helps with inflammation-related ailments such as gout, rheumatism as well as arthritis. Celery seeds stimulate the uterus and helps in easing muscle spasms, especially related to the female reproductive system. Celery seeds are helpful in easing menstrual cramps and pains. If women have it on everyday basis then it really eases the symptoms of menstrual discomfort.

Nootropic Complex: 500 mg

¤ Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

DMAE is a necessary precursor to the neurotransmitter choline and must be present for choline to release its benefits to the body. They work together to help the brain and the body function at maximum capacity. Choline, like Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate, is a neurotransmitter which plays a significant role in brain function and cognitive comprehension. Neurotransmitters affect us in more ways than we might think and play a huge role in everything from how happy we feel to how much mental energy you have and how well we sleep at night.

¤ Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is used to treat a broad range of mind-related health concerns, including Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder symptoms, epilepsy, and as a general tonic to fight stress. Best of all, it has far less severe side effects than the dangerous psychotropic drugs often prescribed today. People also take bacopa to treat backache, joint pain, and sexual performance problems in both men and women.

¤ β-Phenylethylamine

β-Phenylethylamine acts on alpha-receptors in the brain, triggering the release of the feel-good hormone, dopamine in neural cells, and also stimulates and elevates your body’s metabolic rate by safely modulation thyroid function, ultimately resulting in healthy fat loss. In addition, PEA promotes mental focus and concentration similarly to what experts refer to as a neuromodulator.

¤ Huperzine A

Huperzine A, inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. Negating the actions of acetylcholinesterase ensure long-lasting focus and a superior mind-muscle connection while training. Research on in China on one of the active constituents of club moss has shown some promise in preliminary studies that show significant improvement the cognitive function in patients with mild to moderate vascular dementia. This had led to its popular use as a memory enhancement supplement.

Cortisol Inhibiting Complex: 300 mg

¤ Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is a superstar when it comes to improving the health of your thyroid. Scientists don’t completely understand how adaptogens work, but we know that they can be extremely effective especially at balancing hormones. One of the most incredible aspects of adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha is that it can help people with both hypo and hyper thyroid issues. It has been shown to support a sluggish thyroid for people diagnosed with Hashimotos, and has been shown to improve the health of those with an overactive thyroid or Graves disease.

¤ Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea contains an active compound called rosavin that has been proven to trigger a fat burning response in your body. Rosavin works by stimulating an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase which has the ability to breakdown fat that is stored in adipose tissue. Also, human clinical studies found that if you combine taking rhodiola extract with doing moderate exercise the breakdown of belly fat increases even more.

¤ SerinAid

SerinAid contains a chemical the body can make called phosphatidylserine, but gets most of what it needs from foods. Phosphatidylserine supplements were once made from cow brains, but now are commonly manufactured from cabbage or soy. The switch was triggered by a concern that products made from animal sources might cause infections such as mad cow disease. Phosphatidylserine is most commonly used for improving mental function, especially in the elderly.

¤ Magnolia Bark Extract

In 2013, researchers published a study in the Journal of International Social Sports Nutrition, showing that magnolia bark extract helped to reduce cortisol levels in 56 participants. When your stress and anxiety levels decrease, so do your cortisol levels. So it’s only natural that a substance that reduces stress also helps to reduce cortisol. Cortisol is actually a very important hormone in our bodies. It helps to control your blood sugar levels, regulates your metabolism, reduces inflammation, and helps with maintaining healthy brain function.

CCK Inhibiting Complex: 300 mg

¤ Cha-De-Bugre

Chá de bugre has been said to work as a great appetite suppressant making the body feel satisfied promoting much smaller meals, more frequently, which is what many practitioners believe is healthier for sustained weight loss and keeping the metabolism going throughout the day. It has been recommended as an excellent diuretic and weight loss aid in the words of Dr. C.L. Cruz, a leading Brazilian practitioner and herbalist. He also mentions it being used for a general heart tonic which can help stimulate circulation.

¤ Apple Pectin

Apple pectin is a water-soluble complex carbohydrate that serves as a fat-burning food. Because the consistency is gum-like or gel-like, when you eat fresh fruits or veggies with pectin, the cells absorb it instead of the fat. A 2014 study conducted at Wageningen University in the Netherlands evaluated the effects of pectin supplements on 29 participants. The results suggest that gelled pectin, in particular, was able to reduce appetite, increase energy and lower insulin responses.

¤ Jojoba Seed Extract

Jojoba seed extract is one of the essential natural oils are made from jojoba fruit. The oil itself has been widely used as a base for the manufacture of a wide range of cosmetics and other health products that can be used from head to toe. Pure jojoba oil also known as an anti-inflammatory and contains good moisturizer for dry skin and won’t cause irritation or allergy.

Bioavailability Complex: 500 mg

¤ Ginger Root

Ginger root can enhance brain function directly, has been shown to improve reaction time and working memory, and several studies show it can protect against age-related decline in brain function. Ginger has also been shown to drastically lower blood sugar levels, reduce your risk of developing heart disease, and relieves muscle pain and soreness.

¤ Cayenne

Cayenne contains a chemical called capsaicin, which may help reduce joint and muscle pains, treat headaches, fight obesity, boost athletic endurance, minimize stomachache and reduce back pains. The capsaicin chemical in cayenne peppers seems to reduce pain sensations when it is applied topically or consumed orally. Some research also suggests that this fruit ingredient assists in reducing inflammation and providing beneficial antioxidants to combat harmful free radicals.

¤ Grapefruit

Research continues to reveal that consuming grapefruit benefits weight loss in a major way. The key may be an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which appears to get activated by an organic compound in grapefruit called nootkatone. When AMPK gets activated, it encourages the body’s energy-producing processes, like glucose uptake, for example, which helps boost metabolism.

¤ Quercetin

Quercetin is included in a group of plant pigments known as flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants, substances that target harmful particles in your body called free radicals, according to the University of Maryland Health Center. Quercetin is found in high concentrations in apples, onions, citrus fruits, parsley, tea and red wine, and in moderately high levels in olive oil, grapes, dark cherries, dark berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and bilberries, and in other fruits and vegetables.

¤ Naringin

Naringen has antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and cholesterol lowering activity. Studies have shown that naringin has a cholesterol-lowering effect, reduces LDL oxidation and can help to prevent hypercholesterolemia. They found that diets supplemented with naringin improved the plasma lipid levels mainly in rats fed cholesterol and increased the plasma antioxidant activity.

¤ Bioperine

BioPerine is an extract derived from black pepper, Piper Nigrum L, and long pepper, Piper longum L. This extract is marketed as a nutritional supplement and has been found to increase the absorption of a variety of nutrients. Though some of the benefits of piperine have yet to be firmly established, it may also have immune-suppressing, tumor-inhibiting and antidepressant effects.

Side Effects, Directions, and Warnings

Side Effects: Animal Cuts is not free of customer complaints and reported side effects. While many of the ingredients found in Animal Cuts are safe to use, there are a few that have been shown to present adverse reactions.

Huperzine A can cause discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and if taken in excessive amounts it can cause muscle twitching, elevated blood pressure, and a slow heart rate.
Raspberry ketones has many anecdotal reports of jitteriness, increased blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat among people taking raspberry ketone supplements.
Synephrine side effects include burning, stinging, pain, increased redness of the eye, tearing or blurred vision, headache, tremor, nausea, sweating, nervousness, dizziness, drowsiness, dryness in the nose, runny nose, and sneezing.

Keep in mind that these 3 potentially harmful ingredients are relatively safe when taken in the proper amount. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to use Animal Cuts safely, I suggest talking it over with your doctor before you decide to give it a try.

Directions: Take two Animal Cuts packs every day for three consecutive weeks. Follow a cycle consisting of three weeks on and one week off. After your one week off cycle, you can repeat another three week on cycle until you reach your goals. Take on an empty stomach.

Warnings: Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Not for use by those under the age of 18. Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition.

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