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My name is Dalton.

I created this site for the sole purpose of putting what I know regarding health, weight loss diets, exercise regimens, and supplementation to good use. I’m 21 years old and currently striving through my senior year at University of Arkansas.

I will be applying the experience I have personally gained throughout the last 7 years of managing my own health and physique, as well as the copious amounts of physiological & anatomical information I have gathered through the past three years of working toward my degree as a radiographer, or X-ray Technologist recognized better by most.

The first thing that must be dealt with is making sure you understand the dedication a healthy lifestyle requires, as well as patience and determination needed to reach the goal you want in a way that is easily sustained without having to starve yourself to keep the pounds off.

I will be explaining my personal relevance of experience had in each category of health and what worked for me. I would love to hear feedback and expand my knowledge even further, so feel free to leave any feedback you might find necessary.

Best of luck to everyone who is working to commit on achieving their goals. Thanks for reading!


Founder of Realistic Weight Loss

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